Water Supply

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Water Supply

Water is perhaps one of man’s most important natural resource, yet demands for the supply of portable water grows. At STARGATE, we are at the forefront of water resources management with experts in hydrogeology, groundwater exploration, public and private water Supply schemes and water engineering.

Our water supply schemes range from surface water hydrology to underground aquifers. We are also involved in the purification of such water through the use of water treatment plants and other chemical processes.

Our services under water include but not limited to the following;

  • Underground water exploration and analysis.
  • Construction and maintenance of water storage reservoirs.
  • Design and construction of Boreholes and ancillaries.
  • Construction and maintenance of water supply schemes.
  • Procurement, installation and maintenance of water treatment plants.
  • Procurement and installation of industrial pumps and fittings.
  • Environmental impact assessment specific to the water environment
  • Construction of small Earth Dams.

Our Seasoned teams of professionals have mastered a wide range of technologies, integrating them into appropriate solutions required for the design and development of today.